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Even during the colder days, we want, and we can feel feminine. Because, who says you can’t wear dresses during winter season? We actually love designing dresses for this season. There are so many options in fabrics, colors, prints and fittings. And we variated a lot with all of these possibilities. This blog is all about how to dress up during the winters season.

When you think about the cold, you think about covering everything up to stay warm. That’s why we made several maxi dresses in several fittings and prints.

To begin with a favorite of the fall-winter collection; the Danielle Dress. Take a look at the print and colors and you feel like fall has started and your surrounded by beautiful trees. This dress is very gracious because of the flowy fabric and fitting. We’ve added a little romance to the dress by making the sleeves and the volant see through. In the body and skirt you’ll find that this dress is featured with a lining. It accentuates your waist perfectly because of the thin elastic in the waist. You can wear our Ashley belt with it to show off your waistline even more and add some boldness with the snake. We’ve added buttons to the top part so that you can wear it however you like. Get your cowboy boots out of the closet, because they are perfect to finish off this look! 

Next up from our fall-winter collection we have our Dani Dress. This is also a maxi dress and featured with pockets and a matching belt to show off your waistline. Compared to the Danielle Dress, this dress has a bolder attitude because of the rough animal print that we’ve designed for this collection. The dress has buttons from top to bottom. If you want to spice things up, you can unbutton at the bottom to create a split. Or open up some buttons at the top part to show some more skin when comfortable. 

A somewhat similar dress is our Dahlia Dress form the high-winter collection. This dress has a unique designed, black white animal print. It has a contrasting belt with a black and white flower print. We love to take risks by combining bold and unique patterns. Just like the Dani Dress, this dress has buttons from top to bottom that you can open up however you’d like. Both of these dresses go very well with some biker boots so that you can toughen it up.

Of course, our maxi dresses aren’t the only ones you can wear during winters season. We have some shorter versions that you can combine with a pantyhose and some over knee boots.

A dress that we haven’t mentioned earlier but is definitely worth mentioning is our Dena Dress in our own designed Paisley Print. We think a black and white print is always a good idea. It is a contrasting print that will make you stand out wherever you go. What makes it an outgoing dress is the volant at the bottom. It creates a perfect balance between bold and romance. It has a v-neck with button closure down to the waist, where we’ve added a matching belt.

Another dress that we haven’t mentioned before is our zebra printed Doris Dress. We have to enlighten this classy but sexy dress. This dress is here to hug your curves and make you feel confident. The zebra print is made out of some sort of a velvet fabric and is therefor very soft. Great to wear with standout boots because the dress is just a bit over knee length. The volant at the bottom and at the end of the sleeves is very flowy and feminine. The dress is thick enough to wear without an extra lining.

Are you just as much of a fan of wearing dresses this season as we are? Go check out our web shop to shop your favorite dress and feel confident all season! 

XX Milla

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