Dress up in our new festive items

The collection wouldn’t be complete, if we didn’t add some dresses to it. Think midi and maxi lengths, we've got some prints and some sparks that we added to all different kind of fabrics. The Dahlia Dress is one of our printed dresses. This dress comes down to your ankles and features long sleeves to make it wearable for the colder days. The dress is covered in a black and white animal print in combination with a contrasting flower print on the belt and neckline.

Besides this beautiful dress we have two sparkling dresses for the holiday season or when you just feel like dressing up. These are the silver Dayson Dress and the shimmering dark blue Delia Dress. To accentuate the waist, you can add our Ashley Belt Black, with a silver snake detail to it. Combine these with a pantyhose and some high heels and you’re ready to party! 

Not a fan of dresses? We've got you! We used the materials of the Dayson and Delia Dress to make two sparkling blouses; the Brandon and Blair Blouse. Match them with our faux leather Parisa Pants or Pax Pants. Both of them have a paper bag fitting for that bold touch. Want to make it a more girly look? Combine the blouses with our black faux leather Star Skirt. The skirt is pleated to make it more unique and of course more festive.

Are you just as excited about these holiday items as we are? Then take a look on our web shop to shop your favorites!

XX Milla

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