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A few weeks ago, Eva has told us all about Milla and its growth the past few years. She also told us about how she came up with her first ever self-designed collection. Now, six and a half years later Milla grew into a fashion brand, with a whole team of professionals. Eva her vision for Milla has changed, and she really wanted to show that in her newest collections. Now, Milla presents a sophisticated, bold, strong and independent women.

For this blog, we sat down with Eva for the second time. But this time we want to know all about the fall-winter collection that Milla launched in August. We are going to enlighten all Eva her favorites and discover more about her own style. Of course, as a founder of your own fashion brand, you can’t possibly not like any of your own items. But there must be a few that you secretly love more than the other items.

“There definitely are some favorites. First of all, these pants that I practically live in. These are the Pippa Pants in anthracite. We found a fabric with so much stretch that we can lose all the struggles that women have with jeans sizes. Now we only have two sizes. So, Size 1 fits a size 34 up and to 38 and Size 2 fits a bigger size 38 up and to 42. When buying jeans, we noticed that women feel insecure about the size that they wear and don’t like it when the sizes are different in every brand. We want to make women feel strong and confident, and we believe that we can help by fixing this issue on jeans sizes. The jeans will come back in 2021 and in different colors too”. 

Next up Eva chose the snake printed Mimi Coat and the camel wool Marie coat as two of her favorite coats of this season. They both are completely different, but that’s the magic about Milla, you can go both ways. “If you are looking for a coat that makes you stand out, then the Mimi Coat is what you need. Our Marie Coat will give you class and confidence because of the neat fitting and the classic camel color.
Another jacket that is Eva’s go to item, is the Jayson jacket made out of real leather! “In every collection we have one of these jackets. They all have the same fitting but come in different colors, fabrics and details. The Jayson from this season is covered in golden studs and is featured with a golden belt and zippers. And if you prefer silver over gold, then you can take a look at our newest addition of our leather jackets, the Maddie Coat. This one is covered with silver studs”. One of the reasons why Eva loves these jackets, is that the leather is really soft so that you can roll up the sleeves to toughen it up and also wear it inside. If you wish to wear it with a big sweater underneath, Eva recommends buying one size bigger.

As we know now, Milla stands for bold and feminine. She wants to present this through the clothing. But what will Eva choose, if she had to combine an outfit that shows the bold and feminine image of Milla? “Obviously there are so many options to combine and wear differently. But if I had to choose, I would mix up the feminine with the bold by combining our Robin Skirt in yellow animal print with our Sienna Sweater. The skirt has a true feminine fit to it that really accentuates the curves, and the animal print is what gives it a bold touch. Our Sienna Sweater balances it because of the somewhat washed fabric and the small puffed detail in the shoulders. It presents a perfect mix of what Milla stands for. I would definitely finish the look by adding our Miles jacket. This jacket has such a feminine fit that really accentuates the waist. The golden star studs are there to spark up the outfit”.

Another look Eva loves because of the boldness it shows, is the Peyton Pants combined with the Tessie T-shirt in snake print and the June Jacket on top of it. “The Peyton Pants is a stunning item from our collection. It is a real leather legging that is like really soft and stretchy as well. Because of the material it looks more like a pair of pants rather than a legging. So, it’s easy to combine with lots of items. Then our Tessie T-shirt. I don’t think we have to explain why I love this item, because it’s just so easy to match with a lot of different looks. I think that the June Jacket finishes this look because it is a versatile item. The wool fabric makes it perfect to wear as a jacket during those typical fall days. But at the same time, you can just wear it as a blouse indoors”.

I think we can all agree on the fact that the collection definitely presents the bold and feminine women. It is filled with unique prints, fabrics, fittings and styles that really shows what Milla is all about. But Eva has more in store for you guys. “Besides our fall-winter collection, we also launched our high-winter collection in October. We’ve designed loads of different must-have items for you to wear this season. And the best part is that you can now shop your holiday favorites from this collection too! So, take a look if you’re looking for that shimmering outfit to stand out in during this holiday season”.

And with that being said, we end this interview. If you loved hearing about all her favorite items then you should definitely stay updated on what’s coming next. Go take a look on our web shop to shop Eva her must-haves or join our community to stay updated about the upcoming collections!

XX Milla

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