Fall-Winter collection 2020

We all have to deal with the fact that the summer season is coming to its end. In the meantime, we’ve been working on the new Fall-Winter collection of 2020. Get ready for a collection filled with bold prints, cuddly coats and feminine fits.


The story
Milla has the ambition to represent women in their glory of confidence through stylish clothing. In our new collection you’ll see the characteristic, independent and strong woman. We want to encourage you, to step out of your comfort zone. Stand out, be spontaneous and blow everyone’s mind away with your confidence in the identical Fall-Winter collection from Milla Amsterdam.
How to style the look
We accept the challenge of combining the most incompatible combinations into one stylish look. In this way you can combine several styles into one that fits you perfectly. For example, our snake print items, whether you choose for a maxi dress, blouse or skirt, you will always be able to give your daily look that twist. At Milla you never have to choose between your two absolute favorite styles. Whether you like ruffles or prints or a deeper V neck with longer sleeves, we have it all combined into one. Take our Danielle and Day Dress for example. You can finish this look with a good pair of over knee boots. After all, these boots will go with almost every outfit!

Our must-haves
Here at Milla we understand like no one else that you want to stand out with your outfits. When you choose for Milla, you choose to be bold, elegant and outstanding. Combine those styles into one and dress the way you feel like. One of our favorite and unique item is the Tiger Top. The subtle flower print with glitter makes this top unique. The top has a higher neckline and a soft and flowy fabric that makes it fit for each body type. Besides that, we also have the Belle Blouse in our collection with a newer version of the, oh so popular, animal prints these days. That’s how we provide a new stylish look for each and every day.
Where to wear
We based our new collection on the daily life. We do make sure that we maintain our originality by creating unique prints, shapes, fabrics and trends. We also have the goal to variate the collection enough to wear the same items to several occasions. For example, we have the Peggy Short that you can combine with a pantyhose and a knitted sweater to create a casual but classy look. Change the sweater for a blouse or a cute top and you are ready for a night out. Now it’s possible to keep wearing the same item with a different look every new day.
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XX Milla


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