Favorite of the week

We all have our favorite items, favorite outfits and favorite trends. Here at Milla our collection is too big to have just one favorite. That’s why we’ve chosen to have one favorite every week! We’re going to tell you all about the outfit, the style, the inspiration and why you should love it just as much as we do!

The favorite look of this week is the dark grey Sienna Sweater on top of the yellow animal printed Robin Skirt.

To begin with the Sienna Sweater. This is a musthave basic but still fashionable item. What makes the sweater unqiue are the puffed shoulders and the slightly washed and faded fabric. The sweater is made of 100% cotton and ready to get you comfy and stylish.

Now let’s talk about the all time favorite Robin skirt. Because animal prints are the number one go to prints lately, we wanted to join the trend. Of course Milla had to stand out and make our own unique animal print. So we made it bold with a modern touch. The length of the skirt makes it perfect to wear during winter as well as summer. Combine it with a pantyhose and some biker boots to finish this comfy but iconic look.

So now you know why we would totally wear this look. It’s perfect for the upcoming days wether its hot or cold. Are you in doubt? Wear one of our Milla T-shirts underneath it, so when the sun decides to shine you can switch up. You’ll look iconic, bold and fashionable no matter what.

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XX Milla

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