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Over the past few years trends have been evolving increasingly. The fashion industry keeps bringing back trends and recreating them with a modern twist. Prints, fabrics, fittings and even modelling trends keep growing into creations that we’ve never seen before. But over the past few years there has been one trend in particular that has been the #1 conversation of this century. We’re talking about sustainability.

Over the past few years, Milla has been blossoming into its own concept. A concept that is all about making women feel feminine, powerful, bold and strong. We think a healthy and aware mindset is important to feel confident and sexy. Being aware of what is happening around you has become a big part of our mission.

We all know that the fashion industry leaves its marks on the environment in so many ways. Here at Milla we take our responsibility and work on a change in our collections. We are currently making progress in the process of becoming a more sustainable fashion brand and it’s a goal in which we want to grow.

To tell you something about the initiatives we took, we’re going to enlighten two materials we are currently using to design our items. At the moment these materials are rPET and EcoVero. For the future, we strive to use more sustainable materials. Our goal is to eventually have a fully sustainable collection.

rPET is recycled polyester, produced from used plastic bottles. rPET fabrics have a 75% smaller ecological footprint, a 70% lower energy consumption and 86% less water consumption than regular polyester fabrics. Our rPET fabric comes with the certificate from Global Recycles Standard. Each item made from recycled polyester, has a unique hangtag that shows how many PET bottles were used in the production process. That positive note is what we love!

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose fibers are derived from sustainable wood and pulp, using an eco-responsible process. The manufacturing of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers generated up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose. The fibers have been certified with the EU Ecolabel as meeting high environmental standards throughout their life cycle. LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers tailor to a sustainable lifestyle, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Besides materialistic sustainability, we also value the products and working conditions in our factories. We require safety, quality, and sustainability. To us it is highly important that every single one of our factories follow a Code of Conduct and make sure there is a safe and healthy working environment. Some sustainable certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard, Eco Friendly and Oeke-Tex.

At the end our goal and priority in becoming a sustainable fashion brand, is leaving the smallest footprint as possible. Learning about all these new techniques, materials and qualities gives us motivation to keep adjusting our collections into the most fashionable but sustainable items. We think that there is a long way ahead of us becoming as sustainable as possible. But we are beyond excited to keep discovering all the new options in this area.

We hope that you, our Milla community will join us in this journey. With your support we will make that footprint smaller by the second and grow into the sustainable fashion brand we strive to be. 

Are you just as much a supporter of making the fashion industry a more sustainable business? Then take a look on our We Care page on our website or take a look at our sustainable collections! 

XX Milla

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