Women wearing Milla

Agnes Wloradek wearing Milla

The past few years Milla has formed a community of woman all around the country. Our main goal is to expend this community, by listening and working with our customers. In this blog we are going to enlighten our community by presenting their favorite items of Milla.

This time, Agnes Wloradek is showing us her favorite pieces. Agnes is a content creator based in London. We would describe her style as calm and feminine with a touch of boldness. To match with her own style, Agnes chose for our Paris and Paloma Pants, and our all-time favorite; the Tessie T-shirt.

We talked about these items before, but this time we can actually show you why we, and Agnes love them so much. To begin with the Paris Pants. Agnes has chosen to combine this item with a baggy knitted sweater. To finish it up she added a black crossbody bag. It wouldn’t be a total look without accessories! Now she created an outfit that is wearable at any day and any time. Agnes wore our Paris Pants in a size M/38.

Next up we have the Tessie T-shirt. At first Agnes chose to combine it with our paper bag fitted Paloma Pants. By doing this she created the total Milla look! Of course, she had some favorites of her own and chose to combine the Tessie T-shirt with a wraparound skirt. There is no easier holiday outfit then this beautiful set! Agnes wore our Paloma Pants in size M/38 and our Tessie T-shirt in size L/40 for an oversized fitting.

Are you interested in Agnes her favorites? Take a look on our web shop. Do you already own one of her favorites? Share it with us and join the Milla community!

XX Milla


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