Women wearing Milla: Jackie de Boer

Today we are going to talk about Jackie de Boer, who is part of our Milla community. She has a sophisticated, outgoing and youthful style that we love! That's why we thought our Bo Blouse and June Jacket would be a perfect match for her.

First our June Jacket from the fall-winter 2020 collection. You can say it is our feminine but rustic version of the lumberjacket. What we love about this jacket is that it will keep you warm because of the wool fabric, but that it is also wearable as a blouse indoors. Simply combine it with a basic black t-shirt with short sleeves. The jacket will add some boldness to your outfit because of the oversized fitting and the pockets on the chest and in the sides of the jacket. Jackie chose to combine it with a black top and some casual skinny jeans. We love that she added a golden necklace, it balances the outfit perfectly.

Our June jacket is very easy to match with a top of your own. We would like to match this jacket with our snake printed Tessie T-shirt. It creates a total bold and casual style. And for the bottoms, we think the Peyton Pants is a perfect match. These pants are made out of soft real leather with an elastic waistband. Combined with the oversized jacket and loose fitted T-shirt you got yourself a nice and comfy outfit.

Next up we have our black Bo Blouse from the high-winter collection. We think this shows the fun and outgoing side of Jackie. The Bo Blouse has perforated stripes at the chest and in the puffed sleeves that add some romance to the top. The cuffs are tight so that it creates a slimming and feminine touch to the loos fitting. Jackie wears the blouse in combination with a skinny jean. To spark it up, she added a golden two-piece necklace.

You can easily create a holiday look with the Bo Blouse. Because this blouse is already a party on its own, you don’t need much more to finish it off with. That’s why we think our vegan leather Peggy Shorts would be perfect to combine it with. The shorts are featured with pockets and a belt to make the paperbag look complete. Wear it with a sparkly pantyhose and some heeled boots. Add some accessories of your own and you’re ready to party!

And if you thought our Bo Blouse was a must-have, then you would definitely love our Deloris Dress. This dress is inspired by our Bo Blouse. It has the same top part with a matching skirt. The skirt is featured with ruffles that add some romance to it. The dress is made out of a thicker fabric so that you can wear it during fall and winter. You can wear a pantyhose underneath it with some over knee boots to finish this look. Want to wear it for the holiday season? Add a sparkly belt and some jewelry combined with a pair of classy heels that you can dance in all night long.

Do you love the looks that Jackie chose just as much as we do? Shop your favorite looks now online on our web shop. Share it with us and become part of the Milla community.

XX Milla

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