Being feminine doesn’t only mean to be sexy. It's a boldness in showing personality and character.

Milla was launched in 2014 by founder Eva Donders Harkema. The past few years Eva has designed a lot for Milla on her own as well with the Milla team. At first, she didn’t have a clear vision for Milla but during these years her vision became clear. She had a mission to make women feel empowered by their own identity through their wardrobe.
One of her main goals was to design fashion items that would be a combination between tough, strong and feminine.

'I want to offer a full collection that you can wear any day and any time.'

Now together with her team, Eva creates collections based on the feminine, bold, gracious and hard-working women.  


If we are talking about trends here at Milla, we are looking at what matches with Milla’s style. We are creating an image that is compatible and for every woman.
The latest collections were all about the evaluation that the brand has made in the past few years. Eva and her team came up with an urban look and feel for Milla that all the collections are now based on. By designing and using stand out prints Milla grows into the bold and feminine woman it presents.